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Eligibility Criteria for Adult Remedial Program

The adult remedial program, available from Nov. 28, 2023, is an 8-hour defensive driving course offered online. This course is applicable under the following circumstances:

1. 2-Point Credit: Drivers holding 2 to 11 points on their license may take this course to qualify for a 2-point credit. This credit allows a driver to maintain a total of 14 points before facing suspension of their driver’s license. The validity of this credit extends for three years, and a driver can only utilize this option up to five times throughout their lifetime.

2. Court-Ordered: This category applies to drivers who have been mandated by a court to undergo the remedial program, without the intention of receiving a 2-point credit. Upon completion, a certificate is forwarded directly to the court.

3. Juvenile Suspension: Drivers aged 19 or older who experienced a juvenile suspension before turning 18 can take this course as a requirement.

4. Suspension for OVI/OVUAC: Individuals whose licenses were suspended due to operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol while being under 21 years of age can enroll in this program.

5. 12-Point Suspension: For individuals needing to fulfill the BMV’s requisites for maintaining or reinstating their driver’s license after a 12-point suspension, this program provides the necessary certificate.

Please note that this information delineates the various eligibility categories and reasons for enrolling in the adult remedial program.

Ohio Adult Remedial Course

Are you looking to enhance your driving skills while meeting specific Ohio license requirements? Our Ohio Adult Remedial Course is designed to cater to individuals seeking an 8-hour defensive driving program that not only sharpens driving acumen but also fulfills various eligibility criteria mandated by the state.

**Key Features:**

1. **Comprehensive Curriculum:** Our course covers a wide array of defensive driving techniques, road safety protocols, and Ohio-specific traffic laws. It equips participants with essential knowledge and skills necessary to navigate Ohio’s roads safely.

2. **Multiple Format Options:** Enjoy the flexibility of choosing between a convenient online setup or a traditional classroom setting, both led by experienced instructors well-versed in Ohio driving regulations.

3. **Eligibility Fulfillment:** Whether you’re seeking a 2-point credit for your license, fulfilling a court order, addressing a juvenile suspension, dealing with OVI/OVUAC-related issues, or aiming to satisfy requirements after a 12-point suspension, our course caters to various eligibility needs.

4. **Certification:** Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a certificate tailored to their specific eligibility category. This certification is directly provided to the necessary authorities or courts, ensuring compliance with Ohio’s licensing mandates.

5. **Lifetime Value:** Participants can benefit from this course multiple times within their lifetime (subject to specific limitations for the 2-point credit category), making it an invaluable resource for maintaining safe driving practices and meeting legal requirements.

**Why Choose Our Course:**

– **Convenience:** Access the course online from anywhere or attend in-person sessions at convenient locations, providing flexibility to fit your schedule.

– **Compliance Assurance:** Rest assured that upon completion, you will meet the necessary Ohio license requirements and receive the appropriate certification for your specific situation.

Don’t let driving-related issues hinder your ability to enjoy the freedom of the road. Our Ohio Adult Remedial Course is your comprehensive solution to improving driving skills, meeting Ohio’s legal mandates, and ensuring safer travels on the state’s highways and byways. Sign up today to drive confidently and responsibly in Ohio!


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