Online Driving Academy


Court Order Educational Classes

In the United States, there are very few quality court-approved programs that provide the majority of their services at no cost to those who have been assigned to attend Court Ordered rehabilitation classes. We can help your court design a program that will allow you to deliver rehabilitation services to those who can least afford the high cost associated with most probationary programs.

Court Basic Services How To Videos

We can provide high-quality low-cost court-approved instructional content that provides a general road map to how your court and the court system in general works. Topics cover everything from proper courtroom etiquette to how to collect a civil judgment.

Online Expungement Seminars

We can provide state-specific court-approved (nonlegal advice) seminars that help ex-offenders seal their records. These seminars can be held online and or in-person on a regularly scheduled basis.

Professional Web-based Best Practices Consultancy

We can assist court personnel with designing reform and court-based services programs that deliver value.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment training has become a high priority for HR practitioners and their organizations. Amplified by the #MeToo movement, there is a growing demand to replace the old model, which focused on teaching employees laws and rules, with a fresh approach that emphasizes what matters most – ensuring employees know how to make the right decisions and take the right actions if they experience or witness sexual harassment or other misconduct. As never before, anti-harassment training is essential for educating employees on what is acceptable and unacceptable workplace behavior, and reinforcing the message that it is every individual’s responsibility to speak up and report incidents of harassment and retaliation.

Diversity Training

Diversity training is becoming increasingly important in today’s modern workplace. Recent events and protests against racism are sparking global conversations about what organizations can do to address racism in the workplace, and create a more diverse and inclusive culture. A lack of diversity in the workplace can have negative consequences across an organization— from increasing the risk of harassment to being a barrier to recruitment and retention. Diversity training is one of the essential steps organizations can take to foster a more open, welcoming culture and advance D&I initiatives to create positive change.

Unconscious Bias Training

Unconscious bias training is a positive step to help organizations recognize and address hidden biases that can influence workplace decisions. Believing male employees are better at physical work, assuming individuals have a particular skill because of their race, or judging an applicant because of her last name are common examples of how unconscious biases can affect decisions and workplace culture.