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Parent Resource

🚗 *Parent Resource Page – Empowering Safe Driving!* 🌟

Congratulations on your student completing the Drivers Ed program! Here’s a valuable resource page just for you:


*1. Post-Drivers Ed Support:*
– Tips for reinforcing safe driving habits at home.
– Conversation starters about responsible driving.

*2. Driver’s Progress Tracker App:*
– Introducing our new mobile app!
– Track your child’s driving activity for three months post-Drivers Ed completion.
– Detailed reports on speed, turns, and more.
– Certified Instructors review reports for insights.

*3. Exclusive App Slots:*
– Limited slots available!
– Open to graduates or students aged 18+ with a valid license.
– Ideal for teenagers transitioning to independent driving.

*4. Court-Ordered Support:*
– Available for those court-ordered.
– Additional features continuously added.

*How to Sign Up:*
– Interested in the tracker app? Sign up your student after graduation or if they’re 18+ with a license. Limited slots available!


For more details or to enroll, email us at Let’s drive safely into the future! 🛣️✨