Online Driving Academy



Online Driving School is a first responder-led institution based in Ohio that offers an extensive range of programs aimed at promoting road safety and responsible driving behaviors, including court-mandated classes. Our programs are conducted online, but we are not an ordinary online program. We are registered as an “At-Home” Online Driving Course and Court Program Provider, dedicated to providing exceptional and affordable court-ordered and DPS-approved educational classes. Additionally, we offer in-car training for Northeast OHIO.

Our core mission is to assist individuals in managing how to interact with law enforcement, effectively transitioning out of the legal system, and re-engaging productively in their lives, including both teen and adult driver training. We achieve this by employing self-awareness techniques and fostering self-control over thoughts and actions. Our goal is to enhance self-efficacy and self-empowerment among our participants.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing in-house scholarships, making education accessible, and ensuring a supportive learning environment. We also take pride in offering the only DPS-approved traffic stop safety course, which is incorporated into our teen driving program and taught by distinguished experts, Judge Ryan and Chief of Police.

With over two decades of experience, Online Driving School is a frontrunner in court-mandated education courses. Our extensive expertise and leadership in online and distance learning opportunities underscore our dedication to creating impactful content. Our team comprises top counselors and writers, all focused on crafting courses grounded in Choice Theory to drive positive behavioral change.

We collaborate with courts nationwide to ensure the acceptance of our courses, striving to offer impactful, court-approved education. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we encourage an open dialogue during and after the course, welcoming your thoughts and questions to continuously improve our services.

At Online Driving School, we are committed to shaping responsible, safe, and empowered individuals through our innovative programs, fostering positive change within our communities.