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Please watch the video below on how to login properly:

Login Video Instructions 

Below you’ll also find instructions on how to login.

If you have any questions about lockouts to logging in please email
IT will respond within 24 hours to your email

Lockouts are only handled by emailing
Some user lockouts we cannot unlock due to State rules….if you fail a final or enter your security questions in wrong you will remain locked out…

As a second form of security we are requiring email verification each time you login you will receive an email asking you to verify that it’s you attempting to login.

You’ll have 15 minutes to check your email and verify that it’s you, otherwise the system could lock you out. Please open the entire email and scroll-down then hit (Verify and login) underlined link

Also, please remember to go to the link below once you have completed the course to pick your shipping option.

If you have signed up for both online and in car lessons please remember to email and request in car starting paperwork.

Please text or call 216-288-9315 should you have any questions that aren’t related to lockout, please be sure to include your full name, the course you took and you question.

Please click below to view the video
Final Logging In 2022 Security update