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The main purpose of our business is to train and provide certificates to teen and adult drivers. As we’re dealing with a governmental agency, we have to be careful and make sure we are providing accurate training through our approved courses and the correct certificate upon completion. We also have to protect the privacy of our students and their personal data and payment information.

Always make sure your virus protection is up to date and it is advisable to use the company’s VPN (information will be provided by the office). When processing certificates, always make sure you are directly connected to your modem and not using WiFi access.

There are several steps we have to take when working with a student. The following training will help you work efficiently and accurately.

PLEASE NOTE: All screenshots in the training are shown half screen, except when introducing the spreadsheets, as that is easier to see all the important information at one time.
It is also helpful in working more efficiently to work in split screens. This will be explained more in Unit 4.